April 21, 2010

New Mr. Coffee Will Not Support Flash

At this morning’s keynote speech, Jarden Corporation CEO Martin E. Franklin set the tech world abuzz with his announcement of the newest Mr. Coffee: the DW12. With a Removable Filter Basket, On/Off Switch, and Cord Storage, the DW12 promises to revolutionize the way consumers think about coffeemakers. But there was one glaring omission: support for Adobe Flash Player.

Critics claim the decision removes users’ access to a large portion of web content. Users will be unable to use Flash video sites like Hulu or YouTube, or play Flash games like Canabalt while drip-brewing. They see the move as further evidence of Mr. Coffee and its parent company Jarden closing the exciting new Mr. Coffee platform to third-party developers and tools.

Franklin responded that Flash would damage the stability of the DW12, causing inconsistent brews and frequent spills. He acknowledged that “Flash was once a part of the necessary coffee-making landscape,” but the recent adoption of standards by the major brands of coffee grounds have made HTML5, CSS3, and H.264 “the future of the drip-brew.”

Adobe has yet to comment. Analysts predict that while the lack of Flash support on the DW12 is a huge blow to Adobe, it will remain focused on its recent partnership with Jack LaLanne Power Juicers.