May 29, 2012

Art Descriptions

Art Descriptions takes artists’ statements about their work and presents them without any context. Now you can enjoy the over-involved description without any of that pesky art.

Made with Chris Baker.

August 30, 2010

Film School Thesis Statement Generator

Enter a movie. Click create. Write your Paper.

May 21, 2010

Art Film Audience Soundboard

If you’re like me, you love watching artistic, cutting-edge films at home but hate not having a guy several rows back making pretentious little noises to prove how much he gets it. Now you can have both with the Art Film Audience Soundboard.

April 3, 2010
Washington Crossing the Delaware to Play Laser Tag

Washington Crossing the Delaware to Play Laser Tag

January 3, 2010

YouTube Comment Haikus

Every day, millions of beautiful words are written as YouTube comments, but sadly few are ever saved for posterity. Here is a collection of haikus made from actual YouTube comments. Each line is a single comment.

From “the only real way to get free gold on runescape”:

fat ass g@y 4uck dude
fuck you you 7 year old
ur so ugly! noob

From “Call of Duty 4 - Host REALLY sucks #4”:

camp much fag. you suck
Rather be n00b than hardcore!
your such a dickweed.

From “Tiny Gallon breaks backboard - New Year’s Eve 2009 - Oklahoma vs. Gonzaga”:

Cheap rim….lol
I agree, it is stupid
can you do it bitch?

From “Glenn Beck: Cash For Clunkers is a government scam to gain access to you computer”:

dude ur a tool
the fish are takeing the bait
Fuck the government!!!!!!!!!

From “Rob Pattinson Needs Help With Rock Band 2”:

he looks really hot
but waz with his uggly hat???
lol, twi-n00b

From “Coldplay VS. Joe Satriani”:

axis of awesome
at least not in a guitar.
i just love coldplay

December 13, 2009

Marmaduke Not Funny Today

This morning millions of American awoke to shock and confusion as they opened their newspapers to discover Marmaduke, Brad Anderson’s long-running one-panel strip about a big troublesome dog, was not funny. Without any apparent effective punchlines, surprising twists, interesting characters, or entertaining action, Americans found themselves struggling to find anything funny in the oft-celebrated strip.

Known across America and around the world for its madcap humor, avant-garde art, and edgy satirical statements, Maramaduke has become a hit in both mainstream and fringe circles. Anderson has been hailed often by critics and the public alike for his ability to blend art, comedy, and politics into a single image and caption every day. Many credited this success to the metaphorical power of Marmaduke. Every morning, readers opened the comics section and saw not just the Winslow family trying to control their overlarge Great Dane, but saw themselves faced with their own allegorical challenge of controlling an enormous dog while on rollerblades. Finally, readers could laugh at their own problems.

But after this morning, many have begun to question the strip which has for years served as entertainer, informer, and therapist. Disenchanted fans have already begun decrying what appears to be a “phoned-in” effort on the part of Anderson, a mere hackneyed regurgitation of the old “dogs love to chase cars” cliché. Some have even taken the failure of today’s strip to be a product of the turbulent social, political, and economic climates, fearing that perhaps in the wake of a troop surge in Afghanistan and continued economic downturn, Marmaduke may never be funny again.

Steadfast supporters remain convinced the strip will make up for it with a two-parter.