August 14, 2012

The Most Terrible SXSW Panel Ever

SXSW offers a number of mind-numbing, buzzword-heavy panels about the future of the internet. The panel proposed by Chris Baker and myself strives to be the worst ever. Please vote for it.

Most SXSW panels strive to be intriguing and inspiring. This one strives to be terrible. Featuring a barrage of offensive PowerPoint, buzzwords and opinions lifted shamelessly from tech blogs, and live questions encouraged as often as possible, Mind Exploding Life Changing Mega Panel Symposium will teach you how to winnovate your incubator startup, pivot your cross-platform mobile-centric social network, gamify your band, and blast your Klout score to stratospheric heights with a mix of Kickstarter campaigns and paid YouTube views. It’ll be a dose of relief in the midst of the same old tired panels your friends, family, and non-bot followers stroke their egos with year after year.

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    The worst SXSW Panel = every TED conference ever.
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