December 13, 2009

NOW AVAILABLE UNDER CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSE: Memorable quotes from my medieval time-travel vampire-hunting screenplay.

As of today (12/13/09), I am making the most memorable quotes of my screenplay TIME RIFT 2: FANGS OF THE ROUNDTABLE available for use under an attribution non-commercial no derivatives Creative Commons license. Please feel free to use these quotes in your own screenplays, stage plays, and magazine articles (Financing opportunities for production of the script are still available. Contact me.).

  • Don’t think you can vampire-ize the king and get away without my shotgun up your ass
  • Let’s see your chainmail stop this wooden stake bazooka
  • I hate horses.
  • The day I get vampire-ized is the day you stop being the most beautiful maiden in all of Northumbria.
  • Me thinks he doth ask for a shotgun blast to his vampire face too much
  • Suck on this, Sir Dracula!
  • I hate vampire vassals

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